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Why We Exist

We provide the highest quality specialty coffee in the world and use the profits to invest in hope-filled, life-changing stories. We are a FOR PURPOSE company.

Generous Apparel

Every T-shirt is made from sustainable fibers and recycled bottles in a living wage production facility in Haiti. Every dollar generated goes to providing a more secure future for at-risk kids in the US and abroad.

Where Our Coffee Originates

Honduras had the highest murder rate in the world until 2016, and still ranks in the world’s most violent countries.

Honduras faces the highest income inequality in Latin America, highlighting a lack of opportunity for common people. (World Bank)

In Honduras 66% of the people live in poverty. In rural areas, as much as 20% live on less than $1.90/day. (World Bank)

For those who live in rural Honduras average education attained is 6th grade and average time to achieve it is 10 years.

Honduras is slightly larger than the state of Tennessee and has over 9 million people.

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