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Generous Holiday Campaign
DAY #7 - Upsidedown Wine

It’s Day #6! From 12pm EST Dec 6 to 12pm EST Dec 7 you can win FOUR Avana bottles and a bag of Generous Coffee! Today we are highlighting Avana. They believe that every discovery needs the perfect sidekick. At Avana, they know that water is life, and yet too many people are in dire need of clean water. They have collaborated with nonprofits to help provide clean water to communities in developing countries by funding wells, dams, rainwater catchments, and more! Each bottle you purchase, contains a donation code that allows you to track actual water projects! You can enter the giveaway of today by purchasing Generous products (1 purchased Generous product = 10 entries for the giveaway) OR you can enter your email below.

Hannah Turgeon was a beautiful friend of the Generous and Humanity & Hope United community who was tragically taken from this world far too soon at age 27. Hannah was living in Denver, but was on a visit to her beloved Notre Dame on October 13th, 2019 where she was involved in a hit and run accident. She sought out opportunities to volunteer her entire short life, and was especially focused on giving children a chance to succeed. Months ago, she discovered Generous and H&H and wanted to get involved. She had a full time job, and yet she used her spare time to help others. Hannah created beautiful greeting cards and sold them on her Etsy website. She then used the profits from the cards to invest back into Generous/H&H. No one asked Hannah to do this, she just did it out of the goodness of her heart because she deeply cared about others. This holiday season we will be mourning, but more importantly, CELEBRATING the life of Hannah, by dedicating part of the campaign to her life. Part of the sales from the holiday season will be going directly towards the housing project through Humanity and Hope United in La Cuchilla. Next year on the housing trips to Honduras, we will invite part of Hannah's family down to Honduras, where they will dedicate one of the houses in Hannah's name, so that her legacy can live on for years to come!